Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I tried my friend Lauren Bone’s method of roasting vegetables and thought it was really effective. (I was suspicious at first – thought the steaming under the foil would overcook things and that the temperature was too low - I usually do mine at 425 degrees for a shorter time.) They add tofu to theirs – which I just wasn’t in the mood for – as well as a dash of cayenne pepper before roasting, and horseradish and mustard to the vinaigrette after roasting. Too spicy for me and my girls, but you should try it! Morgan absolutely loved this, Audrey extremely suspicious of it. She just has a hard time with things all mixed together.

Vegetables of choice, sliced or chopped into bite sized chunks: I used broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, brussel sprouts and skinny asparagus. Potatoes, onions, leeks, cauliflower are all possibilities as well.

Spread all vegetables, except asparagus, out in a single layer on rimmed baking sheets. Toss with olive oil, salt & pepper (and cayenne if you like). Cover with foil and bake at 385 degrees for 10 – 20 minutes (they should be starting to soften). Then remove foil, turn vegetables, add in asparagus, and roast another 15 – 20 minutes, uncovered. This should allow them to brown, crisp and dry out a bit.

Meanwhile, boil water for pasta of choice and cook according to package directions.


To assemble, drain pasta well and then return to its cooking pot. Pour several tablespoons of vinaigrette over the pasta and toss well. Add vegetables, grated parmesan and other cheese of choice (chunks of fresh mozzarella, feta or goat) and fold together. Serve immediately. Good for lunch the next day at room temperature.

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