Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So now pistachios are being recalled this week, adding to the long list of foods we worry about feeding our families: spinach a year or so ago, peanuts earlier this year (and I found out a few weeks ago when I tried to give blood that I am too much of a mad cow risk because I lived in the UK in 1985 – which explains a lot of things to my husband, but that’s another whole subject). All the more reason to think seriously about buying directly from farmers, where, as Michael Pollan says (I found “In Defense of Food”!), “accountability becomes one again a matter of relationships instead of regulation or labeling or legal liability.” When I see the farmers from my CSA every other week, or chat with the other farmers at the market every week, I hear how they’re cooking the food and know that they’re eating it, too, and develop a trust that can’t be legalized.

And on other fronts, I chickened out with the Carrot Cake and instead brought ORANGE YOGURT CAKE cupcakes with CREAM CHEESE FROSTING instead. But it was worth a try as they were pretty darn good – and while they didn’t have the neon colors of those supermarket cupcakes, they were pretty in a simple sort of way and they all got eaten up, by the Softball team on Friday, and the Soccer team on Saturday. And I knew what was in 'em, and where I got it from!

Finally, broccoli from the garden and from the farmers: carrots, really skinny asparagus and little brussel sprouts got me inspired to make ROASTED VEGETABLES OVER PASTA. This was a very satisfying weekday dinner and was excellent today for lunch as well (at least Morgan and I thought so – Audrey thought it was to be avoided at all cost.)

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