Monday, January 25, 2010


So long, in fact, that it took me many tries to login to Blogger! But I have been cooking, and Family Cooking Academy (FCA) has convened for its Winter meal. With the life and work commitments, I’ve just had a hard time getting fingerpads to keyboard to get those recipes out there. (I just had to hold up the keyboard to my husband to ask “What’s this called?” so you can guess how deep-buried is my brain.)

But some recipes I really have to share. We have been having so much fun with our new toy, the pasta machine (more on that in a post of its own perhaps, as it really is for the committed, or to be committed cook) but I have to admit that the tortellini we painstakingly made, by hand, at our Winter Family FCA was pretty BORING. However, the ARUGULA SALAD WITH ORANGES AND CARAMELIZED FENNEL that we made was just incredible. OH, I am sighing just thinking of those flavor combos now. And not terribly complicated to make. (Equally incredible was the dessert, but I didn’t actually make most of it, so that recipe will be coming anon as well.)

Then, continuing on the citrus theme, as that is what happens in California these days, I have been making lots of citrus tea breads. This LEMON BREAD is my favorite so far.

And to use a bit more lemon, but a bit more healthfully, try BROCCOLINI WITH CRISPY LEMON CRUMBS.

Finally, greens are what are growing in the home garden, and mushrooms are just so comforting right now. So leafing through one of those intimidating Italian cookbooks that James keeps, I found, and futzed with, this recipe for SPINACH MUSHROOM PIE. Morgan found it “absolutely delicious”. Audrey at the crust, stole Morgan’s crust, then fixed herself a bowl of yogurt.

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