Sunday, January 31, 2010


Everyone has a lasagna recipe that they like, and I actually have a couple of them. But when your husband is a really good cook, and of Italian heritage to boot, it can be intimidating to cook such dishes. I made this lasagna a while ago – divided it into two smaller dishes and gave one away to a friend who’d just had a baby. Thank goodness I made notes and stuck it away, because I didn’t have time to write it up, but it was really good and I wanted to make it again. I hate lasagna that has thick, watery noodles or clumps of egg-ey ricotta. I like vegetables, but not too much. If you make this with good sausage (TJ’s sweet Italian or Romano are both good) and good cheese and homemade sauce, this is a rich but not over-stuffing lasagne. We made our own pasta this time and it was out of this world. Naturally, Audrey would not even touch it. But I look forward to having it for lunch all week!

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