Thursday, September 10, 2009


I may have mentioned that I actually am a plant killer. I buy them, I plant them, I eat some parts of them, they die. I know this is part of the life cycle, but mine die before they are supposed to. James is a good gardener, having been inculcated early on (in a healthy way, not a scary way) by his grandparents who had a big chunk of land in upstate NY. But even he has had a hard time with the transition from East Coast gardening to West Coast gardening. The main thing is water – what is enough? In any case, we’ve harvested a decent number of our TOMATO MANIA heirlooms, but most of the plants have withered at this point. But those professional farmers still have big piles of them, and they are inspiring. So I talked James into making his GRILLED GAZPACHO, which is a bit of work, but really worth it, and I tried out HEIRLOOM TOMATO SALAD WITH CHEESE-NUT TOASTS which was downright sinful, and yet, not.

Our annual Block Party was last weekend, where James always shows off his (meat) smoking skills, and this year he pulled off (pun intended) a pork shoulder perfectly – 14 hours of slow BBQing. I made CAROLINA COLESLAW to go with it (on the bun, with the pulled pork, is the NC way to eat it). I tried a new brownie recipe, BOUDIN BAKERY BROWNIES, which effectively placated the visiting firemen after some people pelted them with water balloons.

Finally, we must include one of Morgan’s specialties GREEN EGGS, which she has got down pat. I’m not a huge fan of savory things in the morning, but these are a good alternative to regular old scrambled eggs, and a good use of basil – whether your PESTO is fresh or frozen.

Notice I have not mentioned Audrey in this episode. Hmmm.

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