Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, I try to follow the advice of my wise friend Peggy, who told me when my girls were small, “don’t fight with your kids over clothes, or food”. The latter has always been tougher for me. I have actually enjoyed my daughters’ bizarre outfit creations as they’ve morphed over the years, from the everything-matches-because-its-flowery look to the soccer shirt over jeans look. I actually had the proud epiphany last week that this blog has actually helped me with letting go of trying to control what my kids eat. Realizing that I’ve always been a bit obsessive (compulsive?) about food: in my late teens and twenties, it was about dieting and being a vegetarian – not always the best combo if you like cheese a lot. Then when my kids were born, I transferred my compulsion over to them, making sure that they were eating well – my older daughter’s five year dairy intolerance really fed into that. Then, with this blog, I was bragging to my therapist that I’d found a healthier focus for my obsession. I just like to think about food, and this way, my thinking is more about the planet and sharing with other people than controlling my kids’ every meal.

HA HA HA laughed the gods. Last weekend, we had one of those days with two big group activities: a girl scout gathering and a piano recital. I knew that there would be treats at both (and I brought the lemon bars and granola bars). I knew that my girls had to dress up for the recital. But somehow I lost all perspective and got into a major battle with my youngest over treats (“NO, YOU CANNOT HAVE ONE OF THOSE NEON BLUE CUPCAKES – THEY ARE FULL OF CHEMICALS AND YOU’LL HAVE PLENTY OF TREATS LATER!!!) and my oldest over dress (YOU HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS! THAT WHITE TEE SHIRT AND BLACK SKIRT IS NOT DRESSY ENOUGH!). And these battles were extensive, going on and on. I just could not let go. But, at some point, I did. And I do think its best to let go of these battles. Sometimes, its hard. Especially when faced with neon blue cupcakes.

Soooo, lots of recipes this week, ‘cuz I’ll be traveling for the next 3 weeks and the blog delivery might be spotty. I’ll do my best to post recipes from NC and VA – but I can’t promise as regular a schedule. Can’t wait to hit that Carrboro Farmer’s Market, though, and get some blueberries and peaches from NC. And when we get back, I feel confident we’ll be in tomato season, my favorite of the year!

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