Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We are still having delicious “winter” here in LA – that is, it rains, weekly(!) and there’s a nip in the air. I know that may not count for winter anywhere else, but its what we’ve got, and there’s no snow to shovel.

I went to a lovely panel discussion hosted by the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market a couple of weeks ago on local food and cooking (the next one is May 14th, 7 pm at the Santa Monica Public Library). One of the panelists was Alex Weiser from Weiser Family Farms. I didn’t realize it, but I’ve been loving his potatoes, carrots and heirloom spinach and broccoli for quite a while. (See previous broccoli and spinach recipes). His booth at the Virginia Park Saturday market had beautiful rutabagas, or yellow turnips, so I used them in MASHED RUTABAGAS WITH CRISPY SHALLOTS. Morgan loves this. It’s a bit of work to fry the shallots; I think it would be good without them if you’re not up for it (but not as pretty).

I also used his root veggies in an old Playgroup favorite from Martha Stewart, CARROT & PARSNIP PUREE. Really gorgeous if you use colorful carrots.

And James’ winter garden is just pumping out the greens so I tried Russ Parson’s recipe from last week, which I’m calling ALMOST SPRING GREENS & PASTA SOUP. Morgan loved it; Audrey, the usual, and I ate it for lunch all week.

The Weiser Family Farm website is under construction, but here’s a good article, by Russ Parsons, naturally, about the farm:,1,745351,full.story

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