Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So moving in tandem with this idea that it takes kids 15 times of trying something to actually like it, while recognizing that eating the same meals over and over again will drive most adults batty, I have come up with the Variations on a Theme strategy. Build on things they’ve eaten before with a few changes.

You’ll recognize that LEMON FETTUCINE WITH BROCCOLI AND PASTA is quite similar to the PASTA WITH BROCCOLI AND SAUSAGE recipe I sent out previously. There’s pancetta instead of sausage, lemon, and a different kind of pasta, but the feel is the same. Morgan absolutely loved this one. Audrey was not buying it.

Next, there’s LENTILS WITH SAUSAGE AND SWISS CHARD. Another ragout-type dish. What’s nice is the lentils and vegetables (if you diced them nice and small) all blend together beautifully. The sausage gives it great flavor and the chard has a nice velvetly texture to balance it out. Again, Morgan ate two bowls and Audrey ate SOME. Big news.

Finally, I am including one of James’ favorites as we got beets from our CSA two weeks running: ROASTED BEET SALAD. He actually made it for the first time (when we cook together, he does the meat, I do the vegetables) and it tasted pretty much the same, so I guess that means it’s a good recipe! Again, Morgan liked it quite a bit, Audrey not so much. I soldier on.

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