Wednesday, January 7, 2009


everyone and my apologies for disappearing on you but I was subsumed by the holidays. We did a lot of cooking, for visiting relatives, for parties and for gifts, so I have a host of new recipes for you.

I’ll start with a recipe that was in the LA Times today; I highly recommend Russ Parson’s articles. The subject is simple; his details were useful: <,0,979587.story>

Here’s the simple recipe, PASTA W/ BROCCOLI & SAUSAGE, with my changes. My kids BOTH liked it – this was the first time I have ever seen Audrey eat more than one kind of food on her fork at a time!

Next, Annie Barnes gave me this recipe from “The New Basics” by Julie Rosso and Sheila Lukins, for CAULIFLOWER ARUGULA PUREE. Both these things are in abundance at the markets lately. It sounds odd, but it is beautiful and the texture and taste are incredible. Morgan really liked this as well.

Then, as a side for Christmas Dinner, I made WILD MUSHROOM BUNDLES from the November ‘08 Gourmet Mag. Gwen Rehnborg had raved about the recipe and though a bit of a craft project, it was worth it for a special meal. The silky texture of the collards and the earthiness of the mushrooms were a great combo, and the greens completely lost their bitterness when blanched.

Finally, a recipe I found attached to my new mini-loaf pans, of all places, for CITRUS POUND CAKES. Citrus is just great in CA right now, so I gave it a try. I adjusted the recipe a bit to include the juices of all the fruits (they called for just the grapefruit juice) so as to have less waste, and cut the amount of powdered sugar to make it a glaze rather than a frosting. I gave them away for holiday treats and got rave reviews.

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